Termes & Conditions of use

Last Updated: 2018/8/4

Madninja.biz (hereinafter "the Website") is the property of The Super-X Studio.
The Terms & Conditions shall apply to all orders placed on the Website by any person,or company (hereinafter the User)
The Terms & Conditions shall define the selling terms between the Website and the User, from the orders placement until the after-sale services, through payment and delivery.

01 Placing an order

When placing an order,the User has to log in with her/his email address and password.
For a first order, the User shall follow a registration procedure as indicated on the Website.
User shall agree that all details provided to the Website are accurate and complete.
The Website would not be responsible for undelivered product should the data incorrect.

02 Confirming an order

The User shall place the order online through the Website.
After confirming the order, the User shall accept the Terms & Conditions and confirm the deliverys address and finally confirm the payment.The Website reserves the right to freeze the Users order in the case of a non-payment,incorrect name or incorrect shipping address until the problem is solved. The User will receive an email-confirmation giving details of her/his order.

03 Cancellation

The User have a right of cancellation without having to indicate the reasons.
The User can cancel an order by email us to info@madninja.biz before the order is shipped out. After that,we're unable to cancel an order that have been shipped, please refer to our Refund policy.

04 Shipping & Delivery

Different items and categories have different handling times.
Shipping times is shown on each item page. And the delivery time and availability of Tracking is dependent on the shipping country or region.
Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.The Website will make every effort to ensure your order is delivered safely.

05 Return policy

This item can be returned within 7 days of delivery,please contact us by email first before returning items.The website is responsible for return shipping charges and will not be reimbursed for the original shipping cost.
If the item does not arrive as described or is damaged,please email us to info@madninja.biz within 7 days of receiving your item, we will fix the issue and ensure you're satisfied with the resolution,whether that be arranging a return, a full refund, or to reissue you with a new item.

06 Payment

The User shall pay the purchase online with PayPal account,Debit or Credit Card.

07 Security of Data

The Website collects personal data that is required exclusively for processing orders.
The Website use various security technologies and procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.